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Deschutes County Property Information


Online Property Information (Dial)

Deschutes County Property Information ("Dial") is a web-based application that provides access to extensive information about properties within Deschutes County. It can be used to access property records and maps administered across County departments and divisions. The application replaced a version of DIAL that had been available for 15 years. It's more typical of contemporary web-based application offerings found on the Internet. 

Accessing Online Property Information ("Dial")

There are two key steps to finding Property Information using this web-based application. Submit the search form, then select an individual property. Next, choose the category of information or maps that you are interested in viewing.

You may view information on screen or view property information in a Report format (PDF file).  To view the information in the Report format, select the "View / Print Report" menu option. Detailed instructions are available from the “Help” page.