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Deschutes County Property Information


Help for Online Access to Property Information

Deschutes County Property Information ("Dial") is intended to be a user friendly web-based application, requiring little instruction to use. With that in mind, “Help” is limited.  Where 'Help' is beneficial, YouTube videos are available.  Look for the 'Video Help/Tips'  icon. If you have questions or comments, or would like additional help getting the most from online Property Information please fill out a Feedback Form.

User Guide

For the most informative and detailed help, we suggest you read the Dial Training Guide which is available as a PDF file. The document provides real world examples demonstrating application features and hands-on practice for viewing information and performing mapping activities.


The Property Information site uses a search engine similar to the style employed by Google for finding properties within Deschutes County. The top menu bar has several options to help you narrow your search.

General Search

This is the default. Use the General search type to search across fields; account number, property owner name, map and taxlot number, situs address, subdivision, or name of a mobile home park.  You may also search for properties using information from multiple fields.  For example, search for a property by an owner's name and the name of the road they live on. 

Topical Search

Choose one of the other search types if you want to search using information in a single field. For example, to search for a property where you know the street name select the Situs Address search type then enter the full or partial address.


While the Property Information site's search capabilities are intended to be straightforward, here are some suggested tactics in case you have problems locating a property:

  1. Less is More. If the Property Information site's search cannot find the property you are trying to find based on the information you have entered, it returns the message “No matches. Please try again.” Try again, but enter less specific information. 

Search Results

When a search is performed the Property Information site presents a grid containing results for properties that match the search criteria. To select a property and view more information about it, simply click on it.

If only one matching property is found, the Property Information site will automatically load the property information page.

Narrowing Results

The Property Information site offers several options for narrowing down the list of search results, in case a large number of properties match the search criteria.

  1. Fast Filters are a list of check boxes located on the left side of the page. The list is dynamic and only contains options that can be found somewhere in the search results grid. Check the box corresponding to the Fast Filter item that corresponds to the property you are trying to locate.
    For example, if you know that the property is located in Redmond, check "Redmond" under the City category.
  2. Narrow your search is a text box located at the top of the search results grid. Type additional text into the box and watch the list of results grow shorter.
    For example, if the initial search included a property owner’s name and you also know the name of the street where the property is located, begin to type that information and the results grid will change in response.
  3. Sort the contents of the search results grid. The search results may easily be sorted by simply clicking the column headers. 
  4. Add or Remove Columns is a button/menu located at the top of the search results grid. The search results grid contains the most common information used to identify a property. Additional information can be viewed by clicking the Add or Remove Columns menu option and checking (or un-checking) boxes associated with additional fields.

Navigation Menu

The Property Information site offers a wide range of information that includes data, maps, and images. Information is broken into logical categories, by page, for easier access and viewing. A navigation menu with links to each category is located on the left side of the page. As an “expanding accordion” the main section associated with the current page will be appear in an expanded format (all pages in that section appear as a button). Pages in other main sections can be seen by “hovering” the mouse cursor over the appropriate button in the menu.

View / Print Reports

There are several methods to print information and maps.

Printing a page

Many individual pages may be printed using the “Print” button that is located on most pages. Most pages have been formatted to be "printer friendly" and the printed version of each page may vary slightly from the version you see on the screen.

Multi-page reports

Reports containing information found on multiple pages can also be created. This feature is accessed by clicking the View / Print Reports button on the navigation menu. Options include:

  1. A Basic Report contains summary information about the account.
  2. A Full Report contains complete information about the account.
  3. Custom Reports allow the user to choose the information and maps to be printed. Once you choose which information to print, your selection will be saved for up to one year.


Dial offers extensive mapping capabilities including the ability to zoom in to various scales, to show the background as either a street map, aerial imagery, or with a topographic background.  Select your option from the Basemap tab. You may also alter the transparency of information being overlaid onto the base image.

The Overview map also provides the option to select another property through the map.  Simply right mouse click on another property and then select the "Go to this account" link. Information for the selected property now becomes the active account.   To see how this and other mapping features operate, check out the short "Video Clips" video.  This will prove to be a well spent minute of your time!

An Interactive Mapping feature is also provided.  This allows you to select multiple layers, to add graphics to the map, and to perform measurements.  You may also select another property through the Interactive Map. Simply right mouse click on a property and then select the "Go to this account" link. A video describing the interactive mapping features will be available shortly. In the meantime, spend some time experimenting with the various features offered as part of the Interactive Maps.