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Deschutes County Property Information


What's New?

Deschutes County staff continues to add new features to the Property Information ("Dial") site on a regular basis. As major new features are added, they will be described. The most recent additions appear at the top of the list.

August 2017

Updated Aerial Imagery Deschutes County has new aerial imagery taken Summer of 2016. It is now available to view in Dial maps.

May 2015

City of Bend Building Permits are now available. You may view new building permits as part of the Development Information.  Up to date permits information is also available for the unincorporated areas of the County as well as for the cities of Redmond, Sisters, and La Pine. 

April 2014

City of Sisters Building Permits are now available. You may view new building permits and inspection results as part of the Development Information.  Up to date permits information is also available for the unincorporated areas of the County as well as for the cities of Redmond, Bend, and La Pine. 

November 2013

The Interactive Mapping feature was enhanced.  The Add Layers feature allows you to select from a list that includes many additional layers.  A few of the recently added layers include Flood Plains, Wetlands, Zoning, Road Ownership, and many others.  Once you have selected layers from the list, your selection is saved and the layers will appear the next time you utilize Dial.  Check the Add Layers list often as we will continue to make additional layers available.

Google's Street View has been added to Dial.  With Google's Street View you can view properties from as the name implies, the street level.  If a Street View is available, Dial will provide a link from the Assessment & Taxation Summary page.  Look for the "Open Google Street View" link towards the bottom of the screen.  Street Views are primarily available for developed urban properties  located on public roads.  The Google Street View feature is presently available only on the Enhanced Version of Dial.

October 2013

A new Mobile Version of the Deschutes County Property Information Application ("Dial") was just released. You can now access Dial using most devices including Smart Phones and Tablet Computers. Dial detects whether you are accessing the application from a standard computer or from a mobile device and will automatically present you with the correct version.  The Mobile Version provides some of the features offered by the standard version but at this time if you want to access mapping features, you will need to continue to use your&nbsnbsp;computer.  Check it out at

September 2013

New Improved Reports were implemented in response to feedback received from users of the Dial application. Information appearing in reports has been reformatted and reports are now much shorter. This makes finding Information much easier and less paper is consumed. Several report options are available through the View / Print Report menu selection with the Custom Report option probably the most powerful. Once you select what information you want in your Custom report, your selection will be remembered. We encourage you to check out the new reporting tools.

Interactive Mapping capabilities were added to the Dial application. The interactive mapping application allows you to add multiple layers to a map (select from a pick list), to perform distance and area measurements, to obtain geographic coordinates, and to draw lines, text, and shapes onto the map. You can also print your custom map. You can also easily go back and forth between viewing property account information and the interactive map. In addition, use your mouse to select a taxlot from the map and then view account information about the taxlot. We are pretty excited about the new Interactive Mapping capabilities and we think you will be as well. Take a few minutes to check out all of its capabilities.

A new easy to use feature was added to the Enhanced Version of Dial that allows you to create Mailing Labels. The tool allows you to choose a buffer distance from the account/taxlot that you are viewing and a GIS process is run to select properties that fall within the buffer distance. The tool also allows you to choose the output format for your results. Output formats include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, a CSV file, or a PDF file. The Mailing Labels tool is a menu selection found under the Development tab.

Land Characteristics information was added to Dial. The new information provides a breakdown of the acres that are used by the Assessor's Office as part of the calculation of the property's assessed Land Value. Use the Assessment & Taxation: Land and Structures menu selection to view the information.

August 2013

Improvements were made to the Maps that are available through Dial. A new feature called Basemap provides access to additional maps that are used as the background upon which Deschutes County map layers are drawn. A Topographic basemap and an Open Street basemap are now available. The Aerial View and Street View continue to be available; although they are now accessible through the Basemap feature. The use of the Basemap feature is consistent with emerging web mapping practices.

July 2013

Minor cosmetic updates were made to the Search Results page. In addition to the cleaner look and feel of the page, customized settings are now saved. Changes made to visible columns, column order, sort order, and number of records displayed will persist every time Dial is used. Any fast filters specified on the Search Results page are preserved as a user navigates from an individual property record back to the Search Results page.

May 2013

City of Redmond Building Permits are now available through Dial. Permits issued by the City and detailed information regarding individual permits are now reported.

The Overview Map may be used to select another property. Simply right mouse click on a property and then select the "Go to account&ququot; link. The property selected now becomes the active account. Watch the "Video Tips" video to see how to perform this and other map features and capabilities.

April 2013

Additional information on Manufactured Structures is now available through Dial. The X Number is now reported.

Custom Report selections identifying the information you would like to include in printed reports are now saved for up to one year.

March 2013

Deschutes County and the city of Redmond Development Documents are now available through Dial. The documents are viewable as PDF files for Planning, Building Safety, Environmental Soils, and other development related activities. The documents are accessible through the Development - Documents menu selection.

February 2013

New interactive maps were added to the application. These include a Zoning map and maps that show boundaries for Deschutes County service providers. The maps provide both Aerial Views and Street Views as backgrounds for the map layers. Layer transparencies can also be adjusted. You may also print the maps.

The Report Options&nbsnbsp;were expanded. Related Accounts are now provided as part of the Full Report and are an option under the Custom Report. Related accounts apply to a property that may be on one map and tax lot but due to billing have more than one account. In other cases there may be business personal property or a manufactured home on the property.

January 30, 2013 (Launch)

Deschutes County Property Information ("Dial") was launched in January 2013, following months of development work by Deschutes County Information Technology staff. The project included extensive involvement and coordination among County Departments. The project team also consulted with local business representatives and members of the public.